Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tree Lot, Fire Station, Baby Shower, Christmas...

Well here is a quick update on the West family... We are finished with the Christmas tree lot!!! YEAH. Kenny worked really hard and we were fortunate to not lose any money. Kenny is wanting to do it again next year, with two lots of course. It was hard enough on me being pregnant, but next year we will have a little baby...we will see what happens.

During December I went to the Highlands Fire Station 25 Open House. It was so fun to see some of my old friends and visit the new station. It brought back a lot of memories. I will always love Flagstaff and my friends there, especially those at Highlands Fire.

After the Fire Station Open House I rushed to Eagar for my baby shower. It was so nice and fun. My sisters and mom spent so much time and a lot of effort to make it so wonderful. It was such horrible weather, but my family came anyway! I sure love you all and thank you so much for the many gifts. I can't wait to use them all.

Christmas was awesome for us this year. We were able to see most of both our families. My mom, Whitney, Shane, Jennifer, and Jaycee came (as well as a surprise guest friend of Whitneys - Darrick). Having them here was the BEST Christmas present. The Christmas Eve Party was at our house with both the Wests and there were a lot of people at our house. We ate great food and had so much fun! We ended the night by going to Temple Square and looking at the lights. Shane proposed to Jennifer and we are so excited for the both of them. We love Jennifer and her sweet little girl Jaycee. I seriously went through depression when they all left.

Then to top it off, Kenny and his family got me tickets to Phantom of the Opera for my birthday. Plus they got a ticket for my mom to Whitney and my mom made the treck and met me in Las Vegas for the weekend. Phantom was AMAZING! I can't begin to describe how wonderful it was. We were on the fourth row and almost center!!! It was great to share some time with my mom and Whitney. I wish Michelle, Echelle, and Jennifer could have come too...but now I know what fun girls trip to do next!

I'm back at work until the baby comes and Kenny is working like crazy. He and I started on the baby's room. I got most of the painting done and I think it is really cute. We are just counting down the days and waiting for the next little phase.... A BABY GIRL!

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