Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Perhaps The Cutest Baby

I can't post them all because that would ruin the surprise of Christmas cards and Christmas presents for some people, but wouldn't you agree she is perhaps the cutest baby....hope you all are enjoying your Holidays. We sure are!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

whAt a DaY cAN BriNg!

My sweet Annalee has been sick lately. I don't like it, but don't worry she still smiles when she can. So I got her into the Doctor, which was perfect cause we needed to do a 9month check-up anyway. So we found out that she is the average height/weight of a 15month old and she is only 9months. I love that big girl. So she has a really bad sinus infection that is causing her to be really congested. I was telling my doctor a few of my other concerns/ questions when I brought up Annalee's eye. Annalee's left eye droops sometimes, never was really bad, mainly when she was tired. Well we got some pictures done a few weeks ago and a few of them came back with that dang left eye droopy (btw, they are the cutest pics and will post some later when I get the CD back!). My doctor then changed her tone of voice, she stated that she had been watching it throughout the appointment and just thought it was because Annalee was sick, but now that I was telling her it was like that before she was concerned. She said she didn't want to scare me (uh wrong thing to say to a first time mom), but that she thought I needed to make an appointment with Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake and see an eye doctor there. Uh second way wrong thing to say to a first time mom. I didn't freak out or anything, just asked a few questions of her concern and what she thought it could be. She noted ptosis. We finished the appointment, I got in the car a a tear fell down the check...what the heck is ptosis and what is it going to do to my dauther's eye. I don't really know if a mother really ever stops praying in her heart, but I said a prayer outloud for my baby. I called Primary Children's Hospital and they said the next available appointment for non-emergency eye appointments was Jan 7th...uh third thing wrong to say to a worried first time mom. I got on the internet and googled about ptosis...what the heck it can cause you to loose your vision, Jan 7th is totally unacceptable. I called the local eye doctor and he got me in two hours later. Long story short, he does not see it being ptosis, but actually has concern over the right eye, he thinks the left eye is developing normal, but the right eye is a little behind. Sweet man didn't even charge me for a visit. He recommened keeping the appointment in January just in case. Seriously, what a day can bring. We have serious breathing treatments for annalee, sinus medicine, and of course my worrying over the eye(s). I feel so much better tonight, but told Kenny that I think we need to get vision insurance. Another long story short, but we have the best insurance in the world through the army, but no vision. We can get crappier health insurance through the police department, but it has vision insurance, maybe Heavenly Father is giving us time to get vision insurance, or maybe everything is okay, but I am grateful for his tender loving care over my precious daughter. What a day can bring.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Saved By the Bell and My Sister

On Saturday I was downstairs changing out some laundry and I heard the old, beloved Saved By the Bell song on TV. I couldn't believe it. I had no idea they replayed the episodes on Saturday mornings. I laughed even harder when I cam upstairs and found my husband sitting on the couch laughing at the TV. He told me how much he loved Saved By the just so happened to be the episode when they all took the SAT and Zac scored the highest and Jesse freaked out. Yes, we watched the whole episode and loved remembering the good ole days of coming home from school and watching Saved by the Bell...oh I miss those days of good wholesome TV.

Today I felt like I was going to go crazy - I pass the State Hospital on my way to work and today I thought "Maybe I should just stop and check myself in!" JK I've been super busy with my new job (STRESS), Annalee teething and not wanting me to put her down, remodeling/finishing our whole downstairs, my calling taking a lot of time, and taking my CDA class. My house is seriously a wreck - I just run from one thing to another, and get this, someone called the cops on us because our cars aren't registered in Wyoming yet. WHAT! Kenny's Sargeant called him and told him of the complaint and that it looked really bad to have a police officer with unregistered tomorrow I somehow have to squeeze in getting three cars registered in Wyoming, working 8 hours, being a mom, and taking a 3 hour class. BUT, tonight my sister Whitney came to drop off some stuff and she helped me with a Walmart run for work, unloaded my dishwasher, and gave Annalee a bath. It really Saved my Bell.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I don't think my life has every changed as much as it has in the past two years. Yesterday was my last day at my job at Northwest Middle School - it was very sad but the best choice at this time. Tears were shed, hugs and gifts given, and I closed my office door for the last time. What a learning experience that job has been.

I'm officially a Wyoming cowgirl now. I miss home (Arizona). I miss my mom.

I got called to be the Young Woman's Secretary. Crazy, after only one Sunday in my new ward. The ladies I serve with are amazing and one of them and I actually "met" each other this past summer as she was looking for a teaching job and I happened to call her for an in the world did we both end up in Evanston Wyoming, same ward, serving together in the YW's presidency. Last night after our meeting we chatted for a bit and I can tell that we will be great friends. I love our new ward already and am so excited to serve in the YW's.

So here are some pics of funny. This is us walking to and from General Conference. She is hilarious....just check it out....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Little Updates

There is so much I could write seems to be moving at such a fast pace. So I will just do a few quick updates. Warning, this may be long and boring, with little pictures. You have my permission to skip this post.

We are moving into our house on September 28th. This has been a huge blessing. The house is big, almost 3,000 square feet. There are six rooms and three bathrooms. However, there is some work to be done in the basement, we had to take out four feet of drywall all over the basement and take up the carpet. We plan to do all that work ourselves and when we have money. We will be completely re-doing the bathroom downstairs as well. The upstairs is completely perfect, minus some of the color choices of the walls. Annalee's room is bigger than the master bedroom, so I am excited because all of her furniture, including her rocker will fit in there. The house has already appraised for 22,000 more than we are buying it for and that is without the basement work we are going to do. Seriously it was a blessing and we are so excited. I feel like I have been unsettled since April, well really I have been. I can't wait to get all my stuff out of storage, especially since it is fall and I have great fall decorations. I'm hoping with all the extra room my family will come and visit a lot, or I will adopt lots of African children to live there.
That brings me to another subject. Friday at school we had the Matsiko choir from Uganda perform. It took me back to my days in Africa. I miss it. I miss the children. We are really so blessed. The performance was so inspiring and made me want to conquer the world, or at least help in anyway that I can...not just in Africa, but everywhere. It was one of those enlightening moments. Love it.

Annalee is getting so big. I can't get enough of her. She is so wonderful. She has a little tooth poking it's way through, so we've got lots of slober. She laughs all the time. She laughs and laughs. Everyone stops to tell me how beautiful and perfect she is, she is a crowd favorite for sure. The other night she took pictures with some of her cousins that were born last year and they were crying or pulling off their hats in every picture, not Annalee. She posed in every single picture. I have to get the copies because she was perfect and the thing went on for like an hour. I'm glad she can look good in pics cause her mom sure cant. This is a picture of her just being her funny camera is in storage so I don't have any updated pics but Whit took these awhile ago.

I love to squeeze her every single day. I tell her I have to give her a million kisses a day. Some days I probably hit that mark :)

We've got to play with Whit a few times. She came up last weekend to help watch Annalee while we did a few things at our new house and to watch Annalee while I spoke in church. Thanks're just great!

Saturday was my last day of going to the laundry mat, one more bonus about buying a house. It really is such a pain to load everything up, spend at least $20 and 3 hours sitting at a laundry mat. Annalee and I have made it pretty fun though, she always comes to help me and Kenny has even come many times to help. There is something to say about having family time, working tv, no interruptions, sometimes just sitting there waiting for the clothes to dry. Don't get me wrong, I won't miss it that much, but will just have to find other ways to have absolutely nothing going on for three hours!

Kenny goes to the police academy in January. So that means my first winter in Wyoming he will be gone for three months of it. I am already starting to dread it, but just want it to be over with. Annalee and I will have a lot of time together in our big house. There is a wood burning stove in our house and Kenny was worried about that, HELLO doesn't he know I grew up in Eagar and I made a fire every morning. I am really excited for the fire place...not excited for Kenny to be six hours away in an academy.

My sister Michelle had her baby boy, Jett. She is in Alaska so I haven't go to see her and the new baby. I'm sad about that, but glad they are doing good. Jeremy and Echelle are having another girl ---isn't that fun, Michelle all boys and Jeremy all girls. Then Shane and Jennifer are having a baby, we are all just waiting to see what they will have! Needless to say our family is growing, I feel so far from them but love em to death.
Every night as I lay in bed falling asleep I think about Christmas. Christmas decorations, Christmas presents, Christmas spirit, Christmas tree. I even listened to Christmas music yesterday and today in church the little girl in front of me was reading the words to all the Christmas hymns during the Sacrament, so I of course was singing along in my head. I can't wait...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This for That

Well it's true, you do things you never thought you would do when you have a family. Kenny has owned his mercedes since we started dating. It was always so fun to go on dates in such a nice car. Kenny really did love this car and took great care of it, but in an effort to lower bills and get a nice house, he sold this to my brother.

But don't worry, we replaced it with something even better in his opinion! We didn't need another car, after getting rid of the mercedes we still had three cards between the two of us. But while shopping for a camper we found this great deal for only $300. So say hello to the newest member of our family. We don't have a name for her yet, any ideas???

And for those of you wondering, YES we take this out on dates every so often. I have got to get a pictures of us in it, it is hilarious.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Enough said....she is perfect

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Letting the Spitting and Chewing Begin

Annalee has found that she has extra saliva and has really enjoyed spitting it, making bubbles, and just letting it run down her chin. I keep telling her that proper girls don't do that, but she finds it very fascinating. And so yes, it means that ALL things are finding their way to her mouth. Even the "stinger" of her little bug. I sure hope she doesn't think she can put a real stinger in her mouth. Check out her manipulation of her lips so she can fit the foot in her mouth.
I'm sure in the next month or so we will post about a little tooth:)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Fourth of July Trip

She is soooo cute!

I was crazy again and decided I could take my four month baby on a 12 hour car ride by myself to Arizona. SHE WAS PERFECT! Kenny had to work and I had just finished the school year so it was party time. We drove to Eagar, helped my mom move (I think we were more in the way), painted and cleaned my Grandma's house, and enjoyed the Fourth of July.

Most of you know the Fourth of July is my second favorite really is Christmas in summer for me. The parade was great, the luncheon was wonderful complete with the traditional homemade rootbeer, and the fireworks were impressive. We didn't make it to the rodeo cause I was exhausted. It was so great to see so much family and even some friends. I sure miss Arizona and all my family there, but it is nice to be home in Wyoming!
Here are a few pictures of Annalee...thanks to Adrian Nef. I think he took over 200, but I haven't got them all yet...I'm telling you she is perfect. Everyone that comes in contact with her says she is the happiest baby and absolutely beautiful, she is an angel.

Growing up I always loved sitting on my Grandma's front porch and watch the people drive up and down the road, in fact I think most of the Eagar's do (we get it from Grandma and Grandpa)...Annalee insisted on sitting out there at least twice a day - here is proof!

Serioulsy life doesn't get any better than this!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Who Honk Me and Raising Hands

Yeah it's summer time! I am so glad to be done with work until August 10th! Annalee even let me sleep in until 6:15 this morning...I love summer. I've been busy packing up the "renter house" and finishing school. We will be headed to Arizona in a couple of days to spend some time with Michelle and the boys before they leave, help my mom move into her new house that she grew up in (we are all so excited for her to be in Grandma/Grandpa's house), and of course attend the 4th of July activities.

I just want to thank Aunt Whitney for being the best live-in-nanny in the whole world. It was so nice having her watch Annalee while I had to work. They are so close and I know they will have a special bond FOREVER. We both love you Aunt Whit!

It has been different having Kenny work four days out of town. He sure does love his little girl! This picture is horrible of us all, don't ask! We don't have many pictures of all of us...hopefully that changes.
And now the bragging corner...yes, I've become one of THOSE MOMS! Annalee is the most perfect baby, she really is. She weighs 16 pounds and is 25 inches long and she is only four months. Our Doctor told us that she is a very good looking baby and that her attention span is far above her age...I'm telling you she is brilliant. She loves to study the world and read books. The other day we were on the side of the road feeding her and big trucks were driving by, I was telling her that if you move your arm up and down the truck drivers will honk. I showed her how to do it and she did it once by herself...of course I know she had no idea what she was doing but I can't wait until all these trucks start honking at me and it's because she is in the back seat moving her arm up and down. (who honk me...those...{inside joke}) The pictures don't do her justice but here are a few...

Annalee loves to hold her arm straight up in the air. I have even caught her doing this when she is sleeping. If you try to put it down she throws it right back up. I think she is just learning how to behave for school...I like to ask her is she has a question...she just smiles and keeps her hand in the air. It's really funny.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Welcome Summer!

So obviously it has been awhile since I've posted. Things have been good and it is for everyone. We moved out of our house, which was actually really sad, moved into a renter, and are still in the process of seeing what will be best for a new home. Kenny has been working four / tens in Evanston so that has been a little hard on our family. I only have two and a half weeks of school and can't wait for it to be done!

Annalee is getting so big. She looks and acts like a 5-7 month old instead of 3 months old. Oh great, does that mean she will be acting like she is 16 when she is only 12! She recognizes who people are now and she smiles ALL the time. She has found that she can make noises and I have to admit that I think they are sooo cute. She is getting into a great routine and sleeps pretty good at night. I couldn't have a better baby. I took her to an after school meeting and one of the guy teachers (we all know guys don't really care that much about cute babies) said to me that she was the most perfect baby he has seen and that she should be the next gerber baby. I was a proud mom! I was laying down with her and noticed how huge her belly is!

We are going to Bear Lake this weekend so I had to try on her swimsuit.
I love her!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jazz Moving Easter Wedding

Where do I begin. This past month has been a whirlwind...really it has. I'm sure I will forget a lot of things, but I only have a second to post before Annalee wakes up.

Annalee went to her first Utah Jazz game. The tickets to the game were a stocking stuffer and we have been looking forward to going for four months. Unfortunetly Kenny had to work (more on this later), so Whitney stepped in and went with us. Annalee had a cute pink Utah jazz sweater...of course!We had a lot of fun and I'm sure Annalee is going to be a ball player:)

So Kenny applied to be a police officer in Evanston Wyoming. Of course "with the market the way that it is", a lot of people applied. After a long month of PT testing, interviews, and background checks, Kenny was hired!!! This is something he has always wanted to do. We were so blessed for him to get the job. In fact I think I was so excited about it that I lost track of what the reality of it meant. He was to start right away and I still had my contract to finish with my that meant a lot of time apart. Then what would we do with our house? Where would we live in Evanston? What would I do about my job? Could we afford to live off Kenny's salary alone? is the short of what happened and it happened QUICKLY.

Whitney and I were driving home one day and I saw a house that had flyers about their home being for sale. I had Whitney hurry and jump out and get a flyer so I could see what the house was going for. We called the realtor, who was out on vacation, so we talked to one of his co-workers. We ended up meeting with this realtor and put our house up for sale. We were busy cleaning, painting, and getting the house ready to hopefully be shown to some clients. For any of you who have lived in a house for awhile while it has been for sale I don't know how you do it...I was exhausted from just trying to keep it clean. Well in three days we had our first customers and they made an offer on the house. After some negotiations, it was a done deal and we are under contract and plan to close on the house on April 28th. We now have to pack up and move into an apartment in two weeks! Now I'm even more exhausted thinking about it!! We have looked at a few homes in Evanston, but nothing has captured both our eyes...stay tuned, the adventure of buying a house is going to be a big one!

Then Shane got married. Whitney, Annalee, and I made the treck to Eagar. Wow that was fun...a ten hour drive with a little baby. Well I made the drive back to Utah by myself with Annalee. The 10 hour drive became a 16 hour drive. Talk about some mom and baby bonding time in the back of the car on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere! Shane's wedding was great and we love Jennifer. They both looked so beautiful. It was great to be with family! We love and miss you all already.

Meeting Granny and Papa Slade.
Meeting Uncle Derek!
The new couple! Aren't they beautiful people! This was the dinner the night before the wedding.

As if the wedding wasn't was Easter. YEAH Annalee's first Easter. You can tell how excited she is to be coloring Easter eggs. Maybe next year!

Okay Noah was hilarious with Annalee. He kept playing with her, checking on her, and even gave her a bath. I gave him the special duty of "babysitter", for a little boy he was the BEST babysitter ever. This is him taking pictures of Annalee...yes he did this one by himself. Look how happy Annalee is to be playing with him, but don't ask me what face he is pulling. Not only is he a good babysitter, he is a great photographer. This kid has a big future!

Although my mom is pulling a funny face in this picture. She was absolutely stunning at the wedding. She had the cutest brown polk-a-dot dress. So did Tammi, so we had them take a picture together. My mother is beautiful!
It was nice having Spring Break and now I must return to work. I think it is going to be harder on me then it was to go back to work before Spring Break. I don't know what it is, but I love this girl more and more...for you mothers that have ever rocked your child and just gazed in amazement during the entire time your child is taking a nap you know what I mean. It doesn't get any better. Stay tuned for more adventures. They are sure to come. I love it. Love it all!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Kenny's Birthday, Trip to Phoenix, and 1 Month Old!

We have been busy. I'm just going to touch on a few highlights and post pictures. I know you want to look at the pictures more anyway!

*Last Friday (3/13) was Kenny's birthday. He spent the day snowboarding with his friend and brother and then we went to dinner with his family. It was a lot of fun. We love you Kenny and hope you had a great birthday! You are amazing in every way. See Whitney's blog for pictures of the night (sorry I don't have them!) Actually see Whitney's blogs for a lot of great pictures that I don't have!

*Saturday morning we flew out to Phoenix to visit family. It was WONDERFUL. Annalee did great on the plane ride, but is having some troubles getting back into her schedule. Here are just 5 things from the trip to Phoenix:
1. Annalee meeting all her Slade side Aunts, Uncles, and cousins - minus Derek :(
2. Annalee meeting Grandma Smith and other Aunts, Uncles, and cousins from Kendra's family
3. Eating a lot of great food
4. The weather...we didn't have to bundle Annalee was sooo nice!
5. Getting to spend time with Kenny, it seems when we are home we are both so busy.
*Annalee is a month old. She has changed so much. I love her, I love her, I love her. Whitney and her friend Adrian were here yesterday and so we used his nice camera to take a ton of pictures. Here are just a few. Enjoy.

Wedding Reception