Wednesday, November 18, 2009

whAt a DaY cAN BriNg!

My sweet Annalee has been sick lately. I don't like it, but don't worry she still smiles when she can. So I got her into the Doctor, which was perfect cause we needed to do a 9month check-up anyway. So we found out that she is the average height/weight of a 15month old and she is only 9months. I love that big girl. So she has a really bad sinus infection that is causing her to be really congested. I was telling my doctor a few of my other concerns/ questions when I brought up Annalee's eye. Annalee's left eye droops sometimes, never was really bad, mainly when she was tired. Well we got some pictures done a few weeks ago and a few of them came back with that dang left eye droopy (btw, they are the cutest pics and will post some later when I get the CD back!). My doctor then changed her tone of voice, she stated that she had been watching it throughout the appointment and just thought it was because Annalee was sick, but now that I was telling her it was like that before she was concerned. She said she didn't want to scare me (uh wrong thing to say to a first time mom), but that she thought I needed to make an appointment with Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake and see an eye doctor there. Uh second way wrong thing to say to a first time mom. I didn't freak out or anything, just asked a few questions of her concern and what she thought it could be. She noted ptosis. We finished the appointment, I got in the car a a tear fell down the check...what the heck is ptosis and what is it going to do to my dauther's eye. I don't really know if a mother really ever stops praying in her heart, but I said a prayer outloud for my baby. I called Primary Children's Hospital and they said the next available appointment for non-emergency eye appointments was Jan 7th...uh third thing wrong to say to a worried first time mom. I got on the internet and googled about ptosis...what the heck it can cause you to loose your vision, Jan 7th is totally unacceptable. I called the local eye doctor and he got me in two hours later. Long story short, he does not see it being ptosis, but actually has concern over the right eye, he thinks the left eye is developing normal, but the right eye is a little behind. Sweet man didn't even charge me for a visit. He recommened keeping the appointment in January just in case. Seriously, what a day can bring. We have serious breathing treatments for annalee, sinus medicine, and of course my worrying over the eye(s). I feel so much better tonight, but told Kenny that I think we need to get vision insurance. Another long story short, but we have the best insurance in the world through the army, but no vision. We can get crappier health insurance through the police department, but it has vision insurance, maybe Heavenly Father is giving us time to get vision insurance, or maybe everything is okay, but I am grateful for his tender loving care over my precious daughter. What a day can bring.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Saved By the Bell and My Sister

On Saturday I was downstairs changing out some laundry and I heard the old, beloved Saved By the Bell song on TV. I couldn't believe it. I had no idea they replayed the episodes on Saturday mornings. I laughed even harder when I cam upstairs and found my husband sitting on the couch laughing at the TV. He told me how much he loved Saved By the just so happened to be the episode when they all took the SAT and Zac scored the highest and Jesse freaked out. Yes, we watched the whole episode and loved remembering the good ole days of coming home from school and watching Saved by the Bell...oh I miss those days of good wholesome TV.

Today I felt like I was going to go crazy - I pass the State Hospital on my way to work and today I thought "Maybe I should just stop and check myself in!" JK I've been super busy with my new job (STRESS), Annalee teething and not wanting me to put her down, remodeling/finishing our whole downstairs, my calling taking a lot of time, and taking my CDA class. My house is seriously a wreck - I just run from one thing to another, and get this, someone called the cops on us because our cars aren't registered in Wyoming yet. WHAT! Kenny's Sargeant called him and told him of the complaint and that it looked really bad to have a police officer with unregistered tomorrow I somehow have to squeeze in getting three cars registered in Wyoming, working 8 hours, being a mom, and taking a 3 hour class. BUT, tonight my sister Whitney came to drop off some stuff and she helped me with a Walmart run for work, unloaded my dishwasher, and gave Annalee a bath. It really Saved my Bell.

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