Friday, October 29, 2010

What A Week

Just a quick update...I've been in the hospital on bed rest since Wednesday. High blood pressure...thank you Eagar chromosomes! I'm going crazy...bed rest is bad enough but in a hospital. I walked down the hall to the nursery and got a little scolded by my nurse and CNA...they told me to limit my trips to only one a day and short ones. Do they know who I am! Perhaps the hardest part is that I'm missing Halloween stuff with Annalee. I don't really like this Holiday but Annalee enjoys life so much right now that she makes everything special. I cannot thank my wonderful husband and sister Whitney enough. They have jumped in and taken care of everything. Whitney's recent blog posted that she has had two hours of sleep in two days and has tons of laundry to do and she is so thankful for her unmarried and childless life...she said I need to come home soon. Oh she is a life saver. She even rushed to Evanston last night with Annalee so that she could go to one of the parties. I was feeling bad because she missed her class parties and probably won't go trick or treating...Whit did a good job getting her dressed and making it work...I had her costume strung from here to there and whit made it work in a short amount of time. Cutest lady bug ever!

Wedding Reception