Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mainly Pictures

So let's see...lots has gone on. Bentley was hospitalized for RSV. It was scary but he was a fighter. Since then he has gained tons of weight, I blame some of it on all the steroids they have him on - but mainly he just feels better and is eating like crazy. His cheeks are HUGE. He is so pleasant. I can't get enough of him. Annalee has grown up so much. She is so funny. Everyone who knows her says she has the best personality. I have to agree. She is so strong-willed and stubborn. It makes it interesting. Kenny is working hard and will be gone for three weeks in May with the Army. We are not looking forward to that. We do have a trip planned to Cancun at the end of June. We will be going with Kenny's family. We are staying in the same place Kenny and I did on our honeymoon so I am super excited. The kids will love the swimming pools. There is still so much snow here. I've never seen anything like it. We finally saw some of our lawn and then we just got like another foot. Kenny and I are redoing our deck and extending it and I think we will be doing it in five feet of snow. Enjoy the pictures.

Before Getting Sick

After...Feeling Much Better

Bentley In A Bumbo

Annalee In a Bumbo

Bentley Finally Home From Hospital But With Oxygen

Annalee Taking Care of Bentley

She Would Read to Him and Sing All Day Long

Annalee Loves Getting Ready...Only Problem Is She Is Brushing Her Teeth With The Wrong End...She Knows It - She Kept Saying, "Mommy Look, I'm Funny Huh." What A Nut.

Mr. Smiley...He Loves to Smile.

Well I have a lot more to post but both of the kids are crying now. One reason why I never get on the computer :)

Monday, January 24, 2011 update.

Finally....a post:) I ended up staying in the hospital until I had little Bentley Max West. A total of three weeks in the hospital - I could do a whole post on that but will refrain because I don't want to tear up right now. Lets just say that through prayers and a WONDERFUL Doctor, Bentely arrived three weeks early on November 9th. That was our goal, to make it to 37 weeks and for him to get bigger. When I got to the hopsital they started me on steroid shots and very strict bed rest, they thought they would have to delilver at any time and he wasn't weighing even four pounds. If my blood pressure was good I got one 15 minute wheel-chair ride a day. Imagine how crazy I was going. Imagine how much I missed my husband and little girl. I loved when they would come visit me about every other day. I could hear Annalee's squeeky shoes down the hall and could hear her yelling Mommy as she knew exactly where my room was. She loved playing with the latex gloves, eating my food, and of course taking over my bed:) My mom came the week I delivered and it was so nice to have her help and take a little burden off everyone else from Annalee, she is a lot of work and everyone commented on that; however, she is very brilliant. During my hospital stay she started to potty-train herself, that's right my 18 month old potty trained herself. What a gal.
Our miracle Bently Max West was 5 pounds 13 ounces and 19.5 inches long. Just a small bundle of joy. He dropped down to 5 pounds 3 ounces in the hospital and it got everyone pretty scared. He and his sister have been polar opposites...he is very calm and sleeps often. She is very energetic and doesn't like to sleep much. They have been so fun.

Just two months later Bentley has gotten so big. He was in the 20th percentile at his 2 month check up so I'm sure he will catch right up. He is awake more now and smiles all the time. He has had to do breathing treatments, but not as bad as I thought it would be. Apparently boys are a lot more prone to be sick, and they were worried about his lungs developing completely anyway...but he is GREAT:)
Christmas was wonderful. Annalee was so much fun. She loved decorating the tree and redocrating the tree.

We opened stockings first and she got this hat and sunglasses from Santa and she had to wear them the rest of the morning.

Life with two little kids, working full time, Young Women's, and a husband that works shift work has been interesting to say the least. My house may not be as clean as it could be and the laundry sure piles up, but we are having a blast!

Wedding Reception