Friday, June 19, 2009

Who Honk Me and Raising Hands

Yeah it's summer time! I am so glad to be done with work until August 10th! Annalee even let me sleep in until 6:15 this morning...I love summer. I've been busy packing up the "renter house" and finishing school. We will be headed to Arizona in a couple of days to spend some time with Michelle and the boys before they leave, help my mom move into her new house that she grew up in (we are all so excited for her to be in Grandma/Grandpa's house), and of course attend the 4th of July activities.

I just want to thank Aunt Whitney for being the best live-in-nanny in the whole world. It was so nice having her watch Annalee while I had to work. They are so close and I know they will have a special bond FOREVER. We both love you Aunt Whit!

It has been different having Kenny work four days out of town. He sure does love his little girl! This picture is horrible of us all, don't ask! We don't have many pictures of all of us...hopefully that changes.
And now the bragging corner...yes, I've become one of THOSE MOMS! Annalee is the most perfect baby, she really is. She weighs 16 pounds and is 25 inches long and she is only four months. Our Doctor told us that she is a very good looking baby and that her attention span is far above her age...I'm telling you she is brilliant. She loves to study the world and read books. The other day we were on the side of the road feeding her and big trucks were driving by, I was telling her that if you move your arm up and down the truck drivers will honk. I showed her how to do it and she did it once by herself...of course I know she had no idea what she was doing but I can't wait until all these trucks start honking at me and it's because she is in the back seat moving her arm up and down. (who honk me...those...{inside joke}) The pictures don't do her justice but here are a few...

Annalee loves to hold her arm straight up in the air. I have even caught her doing this when she is sleeping. If you try to put it down she throws it right back up. I think she is just learning how to behave for school...I like to ask her is she has a question...she just smiles and keeps her hand in the air. It's really funny.

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