Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jazz Moving Easter Wedding

Where do I begin. This past month has been a whirlwind...really it has. I'm sure I will forget a lot of things, but I only have a second to post before Annalee wakes up.

Annalee went to her first Utah Jazz game. The tickets to the game were a stocking stuffer and we have been looking forward to going for four months. Unfortunetly Kenny had to work (more on this later), so Whitney stepped in and went with us. Annalee had a cute pink Utah jazz sweater...of course!We had a lot of fun and I'm sure Annalee is going to be a ball player:)

So Kenny applied to be a police officer in Evanston Wyoming. Of course "with the market the way that it is", a lot of people applied. After a long month of PT testing, interviews, and background checks, Kenny was hired!!! This is something he has always wanted to do. We were so blessed for him to get the job. In fact I think I was so excited about it that I lost track of what the reality of it meant. He was to start right away and I still had my contract to finish with my that meant a lot of time apart. Then what would we do with our house? Where would we live in Evanston? What would I do about my job? Could we afford to live off Kenny's salary alone? is the short of what happened and it happened QUICKLY.

Whitney and I were driving home one day and I saw a house that had flyers about their home being for sale. I had Whitney hurry and jump out and get a flyer so I could see what the house was going for. We called the realtor, who was out on vacation, so we talked to one of his co-workers. We ended up meeting with this realtor and put our house up for sale. We were busy cleaning, painting, and getting the house ready to hopefully be shown to some clients. For any of you who have lived in a house for awhile while it has been for sale I don't know how you do it...I was exhausted from just trying to keep it clean. Well in three days we had our first customers and they made an offer on the house. After some negotiations, it was a done deal and we are under contract and plan to close on the house on April 28th. We now have to pack up and move into an apartment in two weeks! Now I'm even more exhausted thinking about it!! We have looked at a few homes in Evanston, but nothing has captured both our eyes...stay tuned, the adventure of buying a house is going to be a big one!

Then Shane got married. Whitney, Annalee, and I made the treck to Eagar. Wow that was fun...a ten hour drive with a little baby. Well I made the drive back to Utah by myself with Annalee. The 10 hour drive became a 16 hour drive. Talk about some mom and baby bonding time in the back of the car on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere! Shane's wedding was great and we love Jennifer. They both looked so beautiful. It was great to be with family! We love and miss you all already.

Meeting Granny and Papa Slade.
Meeting Uncle Derek!
The new couple! Aren't they beautiful people! This was the dinner the night before the wedding.

As if the wedding wasn't was Easter. YEAH Annalee's first Easter. You can tell how excited she is to be coloring Easter eggs. Maybe next year!

Okay Noah was hilarious with Annalee. He kept playing with her, checking on her, and even gave her a bath. I gave him the special duty of "babysitter", for a little boy he was the BEST babysitter ever. This is him taking pictures of Annalee...yes he did this one by himself. Look how happy Annalee is to be playing with him, but don't ask me what face he is pulling. Not only is he a good babysitter, he is a great photographer. This kid has a big future!

Although my mom is pulling a funny face in this picture. She was absolutely stunning at the wedding. She had the cutest brown polk-a-dot dress. So did Tammi, so we had them take a picture together. My mother is beautiful!
It was nice having Spring Break and now I must return to work. I think it is going to be harder on me then it was to go back to work before Spring Break. I don't know what it is, but I love this girl more and more...for you mothers that have ever rocked your child and just gazed in amazement during the entire time your child is taking a nap you know what I mean. It doesn't get any better. Stay tuned for more adventures. They are sure to come. I love it. Love it all!

Wedding Reception