Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Year Round

Yes, I wish Christmas could be year round.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Here's to the Good Ole Days

The cashier at Walmart tonight was so cute. He was trying to make the best of his shift and was so nice. He asked how my 2009 was. I told him that "It was a lot." He hadn't heard that response in the three days he's been asking that question. I explained to him that I had moved 3 times, had a baby, got a new job, and a few other things. He was shocked that all happened in one year. I told him that not every year was that busy for me. On my drive home I reflected on the past and where my life is now. I love my life, but did think about the good ole days in Flagstaff. Ironically, someone posted some OLD OLD pictures of Flagstaff, I mean from the beginning days in Flagstaff. In these pictures I experimented with black hear, I'm super glad I don't have black hair anymore. To those of you who may recognize these pictures I hope they make you smile as I did.'s to the Good Ole Days.

Flagstaff Mr. Institute Pageant...I think I was the host for four years!

Friday Night Activities and Lunch for a Buck...need I say more.

Wedding Reception