Sunday, March 21, 2010

Business in the FRONT - Party in the BACK

Wow there is so much I need to update on...but I am pretty sure I will only get to touch on a few things. Annalee and I fight over the computer - serious she loves to type.'s going to be random.

Well we went to Primary Children's Hospital and they noted she has slight ptosis, but because she didn't cooperate they need to see her again in April. I'm wondering what cooperation they excpect to get out of a one year old who is EXTREMELY active and you are dilating her eyes and some stranger is prying them open while her mom is sweating from pinning her down. I can't wait for our next appointment. I can totally see the lag in her left eye but the Doctor said he doesn't really think it is anything to worry about. I can see it, but I'm the mom. It doesn't seem to slow here down....she is walking like crazy :) She started walking about two weeks before she turned one and she hasn't looked back since.
She is sooo funny.
Kenny graduates from the Police Academy on March 31st. I surely can't wait for this to be done. It has been really hard working full time, being basically a single mother, and remodeling our basement. Annalee is certainly a daddy's girl and when he is home on Saturdays they can't get enough of eachother. I can't handle it when he leaves - she follows him to the door and she just cries and reaches out her hands for him. March 31st!!! March 31st!!!
Annalee's first birthday was pretty sad. She was diagnosed with RSV the night before so we had to cancel her party. The theme was Dr. Suess and I had so many cute things for it, but it was more important that we take care of her. She has been pretty sick lately and let's just say that she can give herself her breathing treatments. Through it all she still laughs and is just a great girl. One good thing from the Police Academy is her and I have gotten to be so close. She's my girl.
We still had cake and ice cream with Kenny's family after her birthday with Kenny's family. She didn't like the birthday crown but she did love the cake and presents :) By the end of the day she was so tired she fell asleep giving her favorite doll kisses on the floor! I can't believe she is a year old!
Not a chance. Clapping for herself while we sang!

Yummy! Crashed.
I don't think I've posted the typical bath here one is!

Last week we got to go see Kenny on Wednesday - he only had one class so we got to spend a couple of hours with him. The five hour drive was so worth it though. Annalee found her next love - a firetruck shopping cart! Look at her hair. She is getting curly curly hair in the back and is still as bald as can be in the front. Business in the front - party in the back.


Kisha Atkin said...

What a cutie she is! I can't believe she is one already. I need some close ups of the curls! Hope all goes well in april. Poor baby. My heart broke a little when you talked about her crying at the door for daddy. James does that and it is just so hard! March 31st! I am sure its so hard for Kenny to be away from the women in his life. march 31st!

Michelle and Adam said...

Her hair is hilarious!! I love sleeping baby pictures, and bath pictures and eating pictures...ok...well ALL pictures. So CUTE!! I can't wait to see the kids play together.

TWO WEEKS!! AZ here we come :)

Kelly Merrell said...

Holls Balls - She is so cute!!! Hey! I just had the best idea...little Annalee and Kai should get married! Yay!

Angela Kay said...

Did you make that cake Holly? It's so adorable! I trimmed Emma's mullet several months ago.. haha.. the curls are so fun though!

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