Thursday, May 6, 2010

About You Hair.

Wow I wish I was better at keeping this updated....but I'm you get little updates and maybe a few pictures. Kenny Graduated from the Police Academy! YEAH. It was a hairy ceremony with Annalee...I missed the whole thing cause she wouldn't sit still. Seriously it was hairy, zoom in and look at my hair. What the, why didn't anybody say anything.

Then after graduation we went to AZ to visit the family. It was so much fun. We had Easter, Shane and Jen had their baby, and we ate and played a lot. This was Easter morning.

I looked over and Annalee seriously had her bunny basket over her head. She is a crazy nut and makes me laugh so hard.

Here is Shane and Jennifer's baby. She is so sweet and so small. This was her a few hours old. Oh she is precious! Shane blessed her a couple weekends ago and I'm so proud of him. He is such a cute dad.

We then went to Mexico for a couple of days. Annalee loved being took awhile for her to like the pool but after we found the indoor heated pool all she wanted to do was play in the water.
After Mexico I went back to Eagar and Kenny flew home to work. It was a blast playing with the new baby and seeing Shell and the boys. The weather was pretty decent in AZ too so we got to play outside...This is the boys flying kites.
Then Annalee and I had to make the 13 hour drive back, and yes we came back to snow :( I'm not sure how I'm going to handle this crazy Wyoming weather. They basically have two seasons winter and a short summer. Well in other news Annalee's follow-up appointment at Primary Children's went well. Yes, she does have ptosis, no there isn't really anything to do for it now unless it gets worse. The good thing is she will keep that same specialist her whole life so that is a big bonus. Poor girl, she already has an annual eye appointment. Her new thing is she will fold her arms before she eats. It's amazing what kids can pick up. She doesn't keep her arms folded the whole prayer but at least she does it. We were at a restaurant and we put a plate of food in front of her and she folder her arms and looked at us. I love her!!!
Gotta run to work or I'd post more...and yes, I am pregnant. Not planned at all, I was pretty depressed about it and now we are super excited. Our new little baby is due Nov 30th.


Whitney Lee Slade said...

all i know is i have NEVER seen annalee cuter than in the one with the super stinkin cute hat. i cant stop smiling. she is the background of my computer because i.... i just cant get enough of her! oh my holls! looks like a blast.

and your hair is adorable that short! how the crap did you pull it off! i hate you. i wanna be cute. i love this ppost. its about dang time.

more pictures of annalee please! oh. and.. nov 30th sounds GREAT!

Katherine Earl said...

Congratulations! Annalee is sure to be a great big sister!

Amanda said...

DUDE. Way to slip in the pregnancy announcement. Congrats!!!!!

It sounds like you have had a great few months! Congrats to Kenny. That must feel really, really good to have the academy over.

Annalee is so beautiful! I love that she is folding her arms now! So cute!

Kelly Merrell said...

"About your hair"... lol. Miss you!!!

Angela Kay said...

Analee is so cute! And your hair looks great short! Congrats on the new pregnancy.. How have you been feeling? Boy or Girl?

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