Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fun Pics

Yes, it's been awhile. Lets see there has been 4th of July, 10 Year Class Reunion, Work, Girls Camp, work, Lake Powell, remodeling our house, going to the lake, work, finding out we are having a baby boy :), work, and a lot of pic-nics to the mountains. Here are some pictures...

Kenny and Annalee loved riding the 3-wheeler at my mom's house. I'm not sure who liked it more...but they were always riding it.

We all went fishing at Big Lake...Whit and I were more spectators. Nobody caught a fish but we had fun. My mom still took care of the yucky worms like she always used to.
I was so happy to be home in Eagar for the Fourth of July. There is nothing like being home...I got to enjoy my mom's home cooking, seeing a ton of family, and relaxing. It was awesome. I LOVE MY MOM! And Whitney, and Shane and his family...it was just so much fun.
Girls Camp...what a blast. These are such great girls. I'm so glad I was able to go for the whole time. A BIG thanks to Whitney for watching Annalee, even while she was sick.

It's starting to get cold here in Wyoming, I can tell winter is close. So, we go to the Uinta Mountains a lot and try to squeeze every bit out of summer we can. Annalee loves it, especially since there is a river close by. I have to watch her because she will pick up a rock and run for the river to throw it in. I love going to the mountains, it reminds me of home.

Annalee and her two cousins Kendall and Emmerson. They always go on walks when we go to the mountains.

And Kenny enjoys fishing. Although right after this picture he lost his dads shoe that he was wearing and then fell in and got soaked. And, he still hasn't caught a fish.

Annalee has some funny funny faces she pulls. Everyone is teasing her here trying to get her to make her faces. Oh she is a drama queen, but at least she is a cute, funny drama queen.
And perhaps our family favorite thing this summer....going to the lake. Annalee loves the boat and hates to get out when we are done. She has been on the tube and even fell asleep on it once. I'm pretty sure she will try water skiing next summer. We are going to Lake Powell again and have a house boat for a couple of days. It will be nice, although I have to admit I am pretty disappointed to be missing out on wakeboarding and water skiing at one of my favorite lakes. Last summer when I could do water sports we never made it to a warm, nice lake. Weird how this summer that I can't do water sports that we will make it to Lake Powell twice....EVEN WITH A HOUSE BOAT! Mother's really do sacrafice for their children...jk I'm so excited to be having another sweet baby in our family. At our ultrasound the baby would not cooperate. Of course I was devastated so my doctor told me to try a fetal photo place in the mall and they were usually pretty accurate...so we went and it was pretty clear on the picture that it is a boy. We are so excited - Bentley Max West, expected to arrive on Novemeber 20th if everything falls into place.


The Papa's said...

Sounds like a dang fun summer! I didn't even know you were expecting again, and so soon! Boys are so much fun! A little wild but fun. Congratulations!

Kelly Merrell said...

I wish I could have seen you when you were in AZ! I don't think I was near the White Mounains then, but a bummer anyways. Don't forget that our kids really should get married!

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