Saturday, April 9, 2011

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So let's see...lots has gone on. Bentley was hospitalized for RSV. It was scary but he was a fighter. Since then he has gained tons of weight, I blame some of it on all the steroids they have him on - but mainly he just feels better and is eating like crazy. His cheeks are HUGE. He is so pleasant. I can't get enough of him. Annalee has grown up so much. She is so funny. Everyone who knows her says she has the best personality. I have to agree. She is so strong-willed and stubborn. It makes it interesting. Kenny is working hard and will be gone for three weeks in May with the Army. We are not looking forward to that. We do have a trip planned to Cancun at the end of June. We will be going with Kenny's family. We are staying in the same place Kenny and I did on our honeymoon so I am super excited. The kids will love the swimming pools. There is still so much snow here. I've never seen anything like it. We finally saw some of our lawn and then we just got like another foot. Kenny and I are redoing our deck and extending it and I think we will be doing it in five feet of snow. Enjoy the pictures.

Before Getting Sick

After...Feeling Much Better

Bentley In A Bumbo

Annalee In a Bumbo

Bentley Finally Home From Hospital But With Oxygen

Annalee Taking Care of Bentley

She Would Read to Him and Sing All Day Long

Annalee Loves Getting Ready...Only Problem Is She Is Brushing Her Teeth With The Wrong End...She Knows It - She Kept Saying, "Mommy Look, I'm Funny Huh." What A Nut.

Mr. Smiley...He Loves to Smile.

Well I have a lot more to post but both of the kids are crying now. One reason why I never get on the computer :)

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Michelle Connolly said...

Wow, I thought the picture of Annie in the bumbo was one of Kimbers girls...I love Annie's hair, BTW.

Bentley is so adorable. I want to kiss those chubby cheeks.

More pictures for the long lost Alaskan relatives...pleasssssse!!

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